Life without pennies

The very question of today tonight is what our life will look like without penis pennies.

The government of Canada has announced that Canadian one-cent coin, the penny, will be eliminated soon. With the penny’s demise we all are in danger of losing the vernacular of Canada.

In the past 15 years it’s lost its copper, its usage and its cost-effectiveness – the butt of jokes and bane of neat freaks well before its end became official in Thursday’s federal budget.

True, If the penny is gone today what we are about to put in, had the need arisen? In order to get my mind right I have to clarify what we suppose to put in when we are in need to express our opinion? Up till now I’ve been pretty comfortable with sticking my two cents in whenever I wanted. So if the penny has made a history, should we put in two Loonies and/or one Toonie instead of two cents?


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