If you fly towards endlessness of the sky, at the end of your trip you will have to face a dilemma of either there is an end, or there is no an end to your journey.

If the latter is true, it’s false; because, it is painful to ponder on mindbogglingly incomprehensible subject .

The former option sounds better. At least you can imagine a fence… or a wall with a sorta “The End” poster on it.

The same principle applies to the actions: you either keep visiting this space perpetually, or you crash into a “brick wall” which prevents you from exploring the endlessness of … well, of whatever it is inside the space.

Since the creator of the mess resides in Canada, it might be logical to conclude that the main agenda of this space should be laid on the surface of whatever it is connected to the country. Never truer word has been spoken.

Yet something doesn’t come together — doncha feel it?

You know, sometimes/most of the time? the author of the blog deviates from the course in thinking that it’s naturally impossible to write on one chosen topic only. This is because we all live in the global village where whatever happens at the end of its suburbs resonates in our domestic affairs and, subsequently, it resonates in our mind and creativity — and at that point in time the author sticks out whatever pops up in the author’s mind.


  • Since my name is Alexander, a defender in translation from Greek, and since there is a considerable lack of proper names, alexxays stands for Alex Says.

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