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On-Line or not to line, that is the question

Being preoccupied with the idea of moving to the online banking, I set off to exploring the Big Mac Big Five‘s polices. The first four banks, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, and Royal Bank of Canada, offered much about the same security guarantees to poor souls, the “online banking surfers.” Going through all those four-banks-guarantees I was appeased by what I had discovered, and I could close my eyes and befriend any of those banks for their kind promises.

Then I got a strike between wind and water.

My hangover cure arrived in the form of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce — the place where my sensitive soul was taken aback. CIBC was the fifth bank I had to cross over in order to reach that sweet feeling of a total protection on-line, in case I decided to rush toward signing an agreement in the nearest bank.

The following is a straightforward derivative of the security guarantees copied from the web sites of the big five Canadian banks. Continue reading


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